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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all Father’s!

A Writers Thought!



A Writer’s Thought!

Blogging to Write

What is your desire to write about? Here is my idea for starters…

Late, Saturday morning about 2:30 a.m., I went to bed with the thought of starting a blog, wondering, what would be a theme? I did not know what to write about I just wanted to write. As I drifted off to sleep. Later, late Sunday morning I had awaken around 11:08 a.m., (I recalled thinking to myself, I slept so peaceful.) as I laid awaken in my bed… I heard a voice. The television remained on during the night. I had awakened to the voice of a preacher. (I always wake up to the Inspirational Channel) I did not hear his message. But, I heard the words “Holy Spirit,” as I laid in bed. No, I thought, I heard a soft spoken voice of “The Holy Spirit,” saying, “Your thoughts are my thoughts, your words are my words, just write about writing.”  So, I jumped out of my bed leaving my thoughts as if they were already on paper. I raced down the hallway for my pen and paper (Most of the time it is on my bedside table.). As I swiftly returned from the other room downed the hallway, to recapture those very thoughts. It seemed to say,”You did not have to rush. I will always wait for you.” As I began to write on my paper, “BloggingtoWrite,” and my thought you just read, that is what I wrote.  So, you see, I obeyed. Now, again I ask, “What is your desire to write?

A Writer’s Thought!